Via Rideshare (On-Demand Rideshare Program)

Get anywhere in West Sacramento for one affordable, flat fare!

The City of West Sacramento works with Via, a transportation technology company, to provide residents, employees, and visitors with on-demand rides from anywhere in the West Sacramento to anywhere in West Sacramento.

Via Rideshare and the City keep the price low ($3.50 per ride, $1.75 per ride for seniors and people with disabilities) by asking riders to take a short walk to an intersection or main road to be picked up and to share the ride with other passengers going the same direction.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday  6:00am-11:00pm
Saturday  9:00am-11:00pm
Sunday  8:00am-8:00pm


The most convenient way to use the service is the Via Rideshare App on an Apple or Android phone or tablet computer. First, download the app and setting up an account. Then, turn on your device's location services so the app knows to pick you up. Then, enter your destination and request a ride. After the ride is scheduled, go to the pick-up location at the scheduled time, get in the van, and go!

Via app for Android devices

Via app for Apple devices

Riders with wheelchairs or other large mobility devices should select the wheelchair icon in the app before requesting a ride. 

People without smartphones or tablets can set up an account and book a ride by calling (916) 318-5101. Press 1 when asked if you are a Via rider. Press 1 again when asked if you are an account holder who needs to book a ride over the phone.

Senior and Disabled Rider Discount

Senior Riders and Disabled Riders can get a discount code by calling or e-mailing Steven Rosen in the City's Community Development Department. He can be reached at (916) 617-5043 or at See below for more details. Drop-in customer service for this purpose is not available at this time. Please call or e-mail to make an appointment.

Customer Service

For other customer service needs, including lost-and-found, contact Via directly at (916) 318-5101 or at More information is available at Via's West Sacramento info page.

Driving with Via

Via is an app-based "Transportation Network Company" that contracts with drivers to operate the vans. If you would more information about driving for Via, check out the Via Driver Portal.

What is Via? How does Via work?

Via is not a taxi; it's not paratransit; it's not the bus; it's Via. So, what is Via? They have prepared a guide to their service:

Via Explained

Via News

Staff Contact:
Steven Rosen, Associate Transportation Planner 
Phone: (916) 617-5043


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