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Find out what's happening in the historic Washington District, the Bridge District, & in Pioneer Bluff

The Washington District                               


The Washington District (Washington) is an urban 194-acre historic district located on the West Sacramento riverfront within a mile of downtown Sacramento. The area is designated for pedestrian-oriented, transit served development due to its large commercial developments and proximity to downtown Sacramento employment centers. Revitalization plans feature 3,300 residences, 2.4 million square feet of commercial office and 350,000 square feet of retail.

In 2015 the City received an Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities grant from the California Strategic Growth Council to improve and enhance pedestrian and bicycle circulation and combined it with local funds to rehabilitate and upsize underground infrastructure.  The video shows the above ground transformation of the District--wider continuous sidewalks, historic street lights, new landscaping, new businesses and public art.  


The Bridge District


The Bridge District  is a waterfront orientated urban mixed-use district located along the West Sacramento side of the Sacramento River. This district includes recreational amenities such as River Walk Park, Raley Field, Mill St. Pier, The Barn, and the newly installed Subtile art piece. The housing market is booming with the addition of Capitol Yards, Park Moderns, Habitat apartments, and the newly constructed 980 Central apartments. At development capacity, The Bridge District has the potential to house 12.5 million square feet of residential and commercial development (5,210 residential units and 7,290,000 square feet of commercial development). For more information on development opportunities, please contact Economic Development.


Pioneer Bluff and Stone Lock

rendering of future of stone lock facility

Pictured: Rendering of a re-purposed Stone Lock facility

Pioneer Bluff consists of approximately 125 acres of Sacramento riverfront property situated along a one-mile stretch of South River Road. It is part of West Sacramento’s planned urban waterfront and is one of the prime riverfront redevelopment opportunities in the region. Since incorporation in 1987, the City of West Sacramento has articulated its vision for an urban riverfront.  In 1990 the City designated Pioneer Bluff for high density mixed-use development in its General Plan. This vision was reiterated in the 2003 Riverfront Master Plan and strengthened in 2004 with a land use policy that prohibits the establishment, expansion, or replacement of non-conforming industrial uses in Pioneer Bluff.